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Nationwide Barcode is a barcode solution for most retailers and internet-based “webtailers,” including Google Merchant, EBay,, and Amazon. We provide a low-cost solution for all of your barcode needs… plus after-the-sale support! Read our terms and conditions before checking out for full details.
UPC Barcode Demystified

DIGITAL MARKETPLACE (Amazon,, Etsy, eBay, Google Merchant, etc):
Nationwide Barcode has a 15-day 100% refund guarantee from the date of purchase should you find that the UPCs/EANs are not working for any reason. (Limited to orders of 250 UPCs/EANs or less) After the 15 days (and no longer than 90 days after purchase), at our option, we will replace the barcodes should you find that there is an issue. There are no refunds after the 15-day period. There is no guarantee or warranty after the 90 days.
BRICK AND MORTAR and all orders of 250+ UPCs/EANs:
Before purchasing, you are responsible for discussing 3rd party UPCs/EANs with your retailer(s). There are no refunds or guarantees.
There is no guarantee or warranty after 90 days.
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We provide all of the necessary tools for you to get you going with your barcodes. Our support and resource guide covers answers to many frequently asked questions, shipping container codes, detailed information about the certificate of authenticity, spreadsheet, barcode graphics, labels and much more. This is the perfect companion to our free eBook, "Barcodes Demystified" In addition to our after the sale support and resources, we provide a printable Certificate of Authenticity and transfer of ownership, spreadsheet of all numbers and EAN and UPC barcodes in both EPS and JPG formats.

No Renewal Fees – No Hidden Charges. We provide a barcode solution that helps you quickly get your products in stores or online.

Choosing the right barcode partner is critical. George Laurer, the inventor of the UPC barcode, says, “To be considered for distribution by most large retail channels, the UPC / EAN-13 number must be legitimate. Get caught using a fake or copied UPC / EAN-13 code, and your credibility with the retailer is finished.”

When you purchase from Nationwide Barcode, you will receive EAN and UPC barcode numbers and graphics, a certificate of authenticity, ownership documents, and an Excel list of your numbers to do business immediately. All of this comes to you by immediate digital download!

UPC/EAN QuantityYour PriceTotal

Barcodes are good for all products except Books (require ISBN) and Pharmaceuticals.

  • Unique EAN and UPC Barcode Numbers Always – never reused or recycled.  (UPCs are used in US/Canada and can be read worldwide — EANs are used in Europe, Australia, Asia, and South America).
    We are a U.S. Based company. Our EANs start with zero, reflecting where our prefixes were originally obtained. If you are outside of the US and Canada and think you need EANs indicating your country. you will need to get your prefix from the GS1 in your country. Our EANs will work perfectly in most situations.
  • Lightning Fast Digital Delivery – Barcodes within Minutes!
  • No Annual Fees, No Hidden Charges – barcodes never expire.
  • Free email support
  • Excel spreadsheet with all of your barcode numbers.
  • EAN-13 and UPC-A graphics – EPS (scalable vector) and Print Resolution JPG. Barcodes are provided at 1.5″ x 1.0″ and can be scaled +/-20%.
  • Certificate of Authenticity/Transfer of Ownership
  • FREE eBook: Barcodes Demystified – Info on Shipping Container Barcodes, Coupon Codes, Barcode Colors and Sizes. How to communicate with your retailers, etc.
  • Additional after-the-sale solutions include shipping container barcodes, QR Codes, and free webinars.
  • Support and Resource Guide To simplify the next steps, we provide a valuable resource guide that covers every aspect of barcodes, including how to use and print them.
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