READ THIS COMPLETELY BEFORE PURCHASING Nationwide Barcode owns a large number of prefixes. Each prefix allows us to generate 100,000 UPC and EAN barcodes. Although these prefixes may be under other trade names that are under our care and control, the individual UPCs and EANs that we sell have never been used. We guarantee that these numbers are pristine….not duplicated or previously used. We continue to own the prefix, manage the prefix under the original trade name) and are selling you a subset of the UPCs and EANs that we own…the majority of retailers do not require that you have your own prefix. They simply take the barcode number along with your product info and enter it into their inventory system that connects to their Electronic Point of Sales systems.

The purchaser understands and agrees that Nationwide Barcode UPC/EANs will not be accepted by Kroger, Walmart/Sam’s Club, JC Penney’s, Macy’s/Bloomingdales  and may not be accepted by Lowe’s, Home Depot, Walgreen’s, Albertson's Sears,  Nordstroms, Neiman Marcus, K-Mart and other large big-box retailers. Certain ESI/EDI and logistical companies who do business with Walmart and Kroger may also have the same requirements as Walmart and Kroger. You should discuss acceptance of barcodes from a reseller vs. GS1 before making your purchase. Sellers who utilize Amazon’s EDI system for their products WILL need a direct relationship with GS1. Be sure to fully read the section on Amazon as there may be other things that affect Amazon. Since it is logistically impossible for us to communicate with every retailer throughout the world, you are responsible for communicating with your retailers and determining whether or not UPCs/EANS from Nationwide Barcode as a reseller will meet their/your needs. Should you go to the GS1/GEPIR website and look up the UPC/EAN, the returned value will be the original trade name associated with that prefix. The GS1/GEPIR is returning the information for the prefix and not the number. Amazon may not accept UPCs from a reseller if you are selling Name Brand Merchandise (HP, Apple, Adidas, P&G, Disney, etc.) and may require that you go directly to the manufacturer for UPCs for those products. If the products you are listing are non-branded items, or where the brand is not listed, NWB barcodes may be a great solution. IF YOU ARE AN AMAZON SELLER READ THE INFORMATION ON THE AMAZON TAB BEFORE PURCHASING

Nationwide Barcode has a 15-day 100% refund guarantee should you find that the UPCs/EANs are not working for any reason.
After the 15-day period (and no longer than 90 days after purchase), at our option, we will replace the barcodes should you find that they have been pirated. There are no refunds after the 15 day period.
There is no guarantee or warranty after the 90 day period.
To contact us, email at or use the support beacon at the bottom right of our site.

As we have a limited refund policy, the purchaser holds the responsibility to determine the rules and requirements imposed by all retailers prior to purchasing and whether or not UPCs/EANS from Nationwide Barcode will work for that retailer. Guarantee Nationwide Barcode guarantees the legitimacy and accuracy of all 12 digit UPC barcodes and 13 digit EAN Barcodes.  Should barcodes be found to be recycled, reused or a duplicate of a previously issued barcode, the customer is entitled to a replacement or a 100% refund. We will make every effort to maintain our prefix numbers in perpetuity. We maintain a complete list of barcode numbers assigned along with our customer’s information.  We agree to notify all customers by email of any possible updates to the barcode prefix from the GS1. We do send our periodic emails with an opt-out option. It is your responsibility to remain on our mailing list. Nationwide Barcode is selling complete rights to the 12-digit UPC or 13 digit EAN numbers purchased by the customer. (We are not granting access to prefix/GLN/UCC (GS1) Membership). We continue to own the prefix and are selling a subset of the numbers to you. If your retailer/webtailer requires that you have your own prefix, we are not a solution for you and you should work directly with the GS1. Nationwide Barcode has a no-refund, no-return policy. Barcodes are automatically generated and delivered to you. After you purchase barcodes, you will be directed to a page where you can download all material. You will also receive an email with a download link. It is your responsibility to:

  1. Notify us right away if you haven’t received your e-mail  and
  2. Retain your certificate of authenticity barcode numbers and graphics.

The UPC/EAN assignment provided is unique and is to be used for the identification of one product per UPC/EAN barcode. The UPC/EAN subscriptions used are owned by our sister company RSS Inc. in Issaquah, WA and under a joint venture with 680 Digital, Inc. dba Nationwide Barcode. Prefixes are under our company names, Bader Publishing, Multicom along with MicroDaft, Xrsiz, MGWhiz, Quanta, NuMellenia, Blue Chip Software and others as released. The names shown are only a small portion of prefixes that we own and is not intended to be a complete list. All of our prefixes have been assigned to us in the U.S./Canada. Our EAN barcode numbers will start with a zero (North America Country Code) The purchaser may not resell, lease, or assign UPC/EANs purchased from Nationwide Barcode without express written permission. The purchaser also agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless, RSS Inc, Media Media Inc, Nationwide Barcode and 680 Digital from any and all legal claims arising from the use of Nationwide Barcodes UPC/EAN barcode numbers including product liability claims, and retailer punitive fines. Except as covered by our guarantee of legitimacy, accuracy, and uniqueness, once a UPC/EAN barcode is assigned and emailed, no refunds will be made. Consumer Agreement Right to Do Business We have the right to refuse business to anyone. If we feel that we do not want our organization’s name associated with a certain type of product we may decline to provide product to you. We will not be associated with any company that promotes hate, violence, sexism or racism of any kind. You agree to hold harmless Nationwide Barcode, 680 Digital, Inc, and its successors, assigns, agents, and licensees from any claim, liability, cost, and expense in connection with any claim, which is inconsistent with any agreement or representation made by Nationwide Barcode. In any case, Nationwide Barcode shall only be obligated (and customer’s exclusive remedy shall be) to provide the customer with a full refund of all fees.

As we have a strict no-return, no-refund policy, we recommend that you first buy a trial batch of 1-10 and test these with your products prior to buying larger and larger numbers of UPCs AND read this article in its entirety.

If you are going to print labels, do not have them printed until after you list your product successfully on Amazon.

If you’re like many other online merchants selling on Amazon, you may have heard (and quite possibly from what seemed to be a reliable source) that Amazon will only accept UPC codes from the GS1 for any items sold on their platform. This information is entirely inaccurate! We are going to explain why.

When the GS1 was known as the UCC, they sold UPC codes to consumers as opposed to the current method of leasing them. All the UPC Codes that Nationwide Barcode sells are owned by Nationwide Barcode and when you make a purchase, that ownership of those specific UPCs are transferred to the buyer. All our UPC barcode prefixes are pre-2002 and thus, they are not subject to the current GS1 business-model of leasing. To Quote the UCC/GS1 Settlement Website:

“This Settlement provides that companies who became members of UCC before August 28, 2002, are not obligated to pay membership renewal fees to UCC to maintain membership as a condition for their use of Company Prefixes issued to them by UCC, or as a condition for Basic Membership Benefits as defined in the Class Settlement Agreement.”

Here's how it works:

  • Nationwide Barcode owns prefixes that were previously owned by companies that stopped using them or went out of business and were purchased from the GS1 prior to August of 2002.
  • We pull out any numbers that were previously used and we sell the balance. Should you go to the GS1 and look up these UPCs you will see the original prefix holder name. Your name will not appear in the GS1 look-up of UPCs.
  • If you absolutely need to have your name show up, you will need to get your own prefix from the GS1.

UPCs from Nationwide Barcode continue to work on Amazon AS-IS for THE MAJORITY of our UPC customers.
We continue to sell lots of barcodes to new and old customers each and every day. We have found that less than 8% of our customers buying from Nationwide Barcode are having issues. We are not making light of this, just sharing what our research is indicating.

All barcodes sold by Nationwide Barcode are 100% legitimate and usable on Amazon - The information below is if you find that you are having issues, follow the directions that we state below.

Before we go into these details, here are the things that may keep you from listing your products with UPCs from Nationwide Barcode or other UPC resellers

The following are things that will affect your ability to use UPCs from Nationwide Barcode:

  • Your product is part of the Amazon Brand Registry
  • You are bundling name-brand items that have one or more National Brands
  • You are working with Amazon's EDI system (If you don't know what this is, you probably are not)

On Amazon’s seller central help section, there is an article titled “Valid UPCs” which states:

"We verify the authenticity of product UPCs by checking the GS1 database. UPCs that do not match the information provided by GS1 will be considered invalid. We recommend obtaining your UPCs directly from GS1 (and not from other third parties selling UPC licenses) to ensure the appropriate information is reflected in the GS1 database.

Important: All invalid product UPC listings will be removed and may result in your ASIN creation or selling privileges being temporarily or permanently removed. For more information on licensing UPCs from GS1, see the GSI standard website."

Let’s analyze this a little further and break it down!

Amazon DOES verify the authenticity of any submitted product UPCs by referencing the GS1 database. This policy is only about 5-6 years old. Before this policy came into effect, you could essentially create your own UPC’s without purchase by randomizing the check-digit and repeat the process until Amazon accepted the submission. With this being a potentially catastrophic situation, it is actually a great thing that Amazon instituted this policy.

Amazon DOES NOT consider your UPC invalid if the information does not match that which is in the GS1 database. The GS1 database is the only source of this information which names the owner of the UPC Prefix and their address. Amazon does not require UPC’s to have a matching owner/manufacturer/business name to be used.

Amazon DOES recommend obtaining UPCs directly from GS1. As stated, this is simply a recommendation. Since Amazon does not require the UPC information to match the seller’s product information in the GS1 GEPIR database, this is not a requirement. However, this could foreshadow an upcoming change to this policy. If that’s the case, Nationwide Barcode WILL keep our consumers informed of this.

The most provocative and concerning statement within the “Valid UPCs” article, states that Amazon will remove any invalid product UPC listings potentially resulting in the permanent or temporary revocation of selling privileges or ASIN creation. The way Amazon is structured, you are not able to submit an invalid UPC in the first place, therefore the product simply never goes up for sale. This is essentially a scare-tactic to push the seller to follow Amazon’s “Valid UPCs” suggestion/recommendations/guidelines to the T. If you are unable to put the product for sale because the system won’t accept the UPC, at what point are you going to be banned temporarily or permanently from selling your products? If that were the case, every seller that “accidentally” input a UPC number incorrectly, would be at immediate risk of such an outcome.

The bottom line here is that Amazon’s focus is to clean up and streamline the way they do business, albeit at the expense of the seller. Amazon doesn’t want ANY duplicate products for sale. The most direct and effective way to go about this is to collaborate with the GS1 and influence sellers to purchase UPCs from them, exclusively, by intimidating them with misleading language. Quite possibly, in the future, Amazon WILL find a way to ensure that ONLY GS1 UPCs are used by sellers. But, for now, you can purchase your UPCs from Nationwide Barcode, own your UPCs, and have confidence that they will work when selling your products on Amazon.

Amazon Error Codes and Fixes

When using 3rd party barcodes as a seller on Amazon, you may find yourself running into multiple error codes that stem from Amazon’s policies focused on persuading the seller to purchase only from the GS1.

Below, you will find a list of errors explaining why you’re seeing them and how to address them. Nationwide Barcode is committed to providing all our customers with fast and professional support. The goal with providing this information is so that you already know what the reason is behind the error code and how to address it. In the event that you are still not able to utilize the information provided below to resolve the error, please do reach out to us via support ticket and provide a screenshot of the error code you are encountering so that we can quickly and effectively assist you.

Amazon Error Code 5665

Some sellers have been activating this code when trying to list products on Amazon and seemingly not for any one reason. As a response to triggering the code, these individuals have spent countless hours contacting Amazon Support (who, in many cases, are unaware of the code and it’s meaning) without any resolution. Fortunately, our team at Nationwide Barcode have kept a vigilant eye for any solutions that may come to light. The problem appears to be random, but there is likely some sort of algorithm not yet uncovered by Seller Support or individual sellers.

The most successful fix to-date by other Amazon sellers is to simply input “N/A”, “N/” or “TBA” as the Brand Name. Sellers also report that they can change the Brand Name after the product is listed.

Amazon Error Code 5461-1

This error code occurs when Amazon checks the GS1 GEPIR database for the UPC Code/Product Brand or Manufacturer based information. If you are attempting to sell a product with a Brand Name that is already listed in Amazon’s Brand Registry Program, you will be stopped by this error message. The simple solution to this is for you to modify the brand name you are using. I.E. Use alternate spelling, or you can use the manufacturer name that is associated with the prefix

  1. Go to the GS1 site. (
  2. Scroll down on the home page to research the manufacturer name associated with that UPC (that we own and have 100% care and control over)

    1. Locate 'Who owns this barcode' under Tools
    2. Search by GTIN
    3. Enter UPC or EAN (GTIN) - click on search
  3. Use that manufacturer name to list your products on Amazon.

Amazon Error Code 5461-2

This error message is very similar to Amazon Error Code 5461-1. This error code occurs when attempting to sell a product with a “big brand name” that is NOT actually listed in the Amazon Brand Registry Program. Because it is a “big brand name”, Amazon has placed it into some sort of database at some point to prevent others from selling under the name. To address this error code, you simply must alter the name as you do to get past the previous error code (5461-1).

Amazon Error Code 8556

This error code usually appears when you enter your UPC/EAN incorrectly. The first thing you should do when encountering this error code is double check and ensure that you’ve correctly inputted your UPC/EAN number. If you find that you have input the UPC/EAN correctly, but you are still encountering this code, please submit a support ticket for next steps.

Amazon Error Code

Unfortunately, it is entirely possible for UPC/EANs to be “hijacked” so to speak. When you encounter this error code, what it means is either you’ve already used the UPC/EAN number inputted; or someone else has stolen the number and used it. If you receive this error code, please fill out a support ticket for next steps.

Amazon Error Code

This is another common error code that appears when the UPC/EAN/GTIN number is incorrectly input. This is common when an individual selects the incorrect category (UPC/EAN/GTIN) and then inputs the incorrect amount of numbers for that category. A helpful tip to remember is that a UPC is 12 digits, an EAN is 13 digits and a GTIN is 14 digits. If you still encounter this error after checking yourself, please contact our support team via support ticket for next steps.

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