DIGITAL MARKETPLACE (Amazon,, Etsy, EBay, Google Merchant, etc):
Nationwide Barcode has a 15-day 100% refund guarantee from the date of purchase should you find that the UPCs/EANs are not working for any reason. (Limited to orders of 250 UPCs/EANs or less.)

After the 15-day period (and no longer than 90 days after purchase), at our option, we will replace the barcodes should you find that there is an issue. There are no refunds after the 15-day period. There is no guarantee or warranty after the 90-day period.

BRICK AND MORTAR and all orders of 250+ UPCs/EANs:

You are responsible for discussing 3rd party UPCs/EANs with your retailer(s) before purchasing. There are no refunds or guarantees.
There is no guarantee or warranty after 90 days.

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