UPC Databases

There are several databases available and none of them are complete. There are new products created every day and them come from giant manufacturers and from home-based entrepreneurs. Here is a partial list of databases and their purpose: UPC Database – www.upcdatabase.com This is an informal database created as a college project and is now a hobby project There are over 1,000,000 items in the database. Although this sounds like a lot, it barely scratches the surface. This database allows you to enter in a UPC or EAN number and see who manufactures the product. It does not allow you to enter a product and get a UPC code.

UPC Data – http://upcdata.info Another hobbyist site

Google Merchant Center – This is an interesting database since they feed this information to Red Laser and the Google and Android phone barcode applications http://www.google.com/merchants GS1- This database is good for locating company codes. Very few products are listed.

Nationwide Barcode has a service to help you get your products listed with the Google Merchant Cnter Database, Red Laser, Shop Savvy, and Google Android Phone Scanner application.

Although there are no “official barcode databases” where retailers pull information, these databases can help to secure your products and your UPC barcodes in the marketplace, plus, with Red Laser, Shop Savvy, Google Android Phone Scanner and Google Shops, this helps you can gain a lot more visibility.