Beware of buying a Cheap UPC barcode.

Are you looking to buy a cheap UPC barcode?

There are a lot of companies on the internet that sell barcodes. Many of them give you truthful information and there are a handful that are quite deceiving using such terminology as Official Site or Official Source, etc.

Be aware of what you are getting yourself into when you decide to make your purchase. If a company mentions that they have to pay renewal fees, they are in breach of their agreement with the GS1 (formerly known as the Uniform Code Council). Only companies that hold a valid prefix that predates August of 2002 can subdivide their pool of barcodes and sell them.

Sometimes Buying a Cheap UPC Barcode isn’t so cheap. There are companies that have convoluted terms and conditions hidden on various pages eluding to the fact that once they sell you Cheap UPC barcodes they will then charge you a monthly subscription fee. There are companies will accept barcodes back which means that there can be multiple vendors using the same barcode.

There are only two ways to get a barcode. You enter into an agreement with the GS1 which can be a sizeable amount of money or you go Nationwide Barcode or a similar company.

Barcodes are a very important aspect to getting your product to market. It can be very expensive to learn after the fact that your provider didn’t have legal right to sell you barcodes or your barcodes have been assigned to another company. We are the least expensive legitimate barcode provider on the internet.

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