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Barcode Tutorial

1D Barcode Formats

There are many different types of One Dimensional Barcodes. This tutorial will show you many of the 1D Barcode Formats and will help you understand the differences. A 1D barcode or One Dimensional Barcode is […]

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Barcode Fonts

The following is a list of companies where you can purchase or download barcode fonts. Aeromium Barcode Fonts – Develops and publishes barcode fonts package that creates Code39, Code128, UPCEAN and I2of5 barcodes. BarFonts – Collection of […]

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EAN Barcodes

Nationwide Barcode Facts

Periodically we do a search to see what our competitors are doing and we chuckle at the assortment of nonsense in the marketplace. There are people touting that they are the official source or official […]

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Business and Social Networking

The Retail Buyer’s Checklist

The job of a retail buyer is to make informed decisions whether or not to buy your product. They have to do this because they report to senior management who will ask them all these same questions before signing the Purchase Order and approving the purchase. […]